Palm Desert Paul Davis Continuing Education Classes

Paul Davis provides continuing education to insurance and other professionals. The property damage restoration industry is complex and ever-changing. It is important to stay current with this industry’s knowledge and trends. The Paul Davis CE program exceeds expectations and standards. Approved instructors are dynamic, enthusiastic, and passionate about course topics. The program has been designed to provide insurance agents and adjusters with up-to-date and relevant information. All continuing education classes are approved for credit according to state rules and guidelines.

As a professional in real estate, insurance or restoration, it’s smart to be aware of the property damage industry. Paul Davis offers CE classes for industry professionals who want to learn about the latest technology, trends and issues that face your industry and ours. Thanks to the passionate trainers in Palm Desert, you can expect an enriching course covering subjects like flood insurance training. The current information found in the continuing education courses is tailor-made for insurance professionals. All CE classes have approval for credit according to state laws.

We provide CE classes to professionals in insurance throughout the nation and Palm Desert for years. Our CE program goes above and beyond just simply bringing you closer to getting your license. We provide a wide range courses for credit and non-credit for not only insurance adjusters and agents, but also for landlords, real estate agents and other professionals related to the property damage restoration industry.

Our goal as education providers and instructors is to teach the most updated information to give you deeper perspective on your customers’ problems. Every one of the CE seminars from Paul Davis have been approved by all states and are taught by instructors with the proper certifications. Some of the subjects covered in our CE courses include:

  • Ethics for the Insurance Professional
  • Water Damage Mitigation/Applied Structural Drying
  • Fire Damage Mitigation
  • Mold Remediation
  • Soft Contents Restoration
  • Bio Recovery Services
  • Meth Lab Cleanup
  • Ethics for Insurance Professionals
  • Water Mitigation Process
  • Fire Insurance Claims Education
  • Evaluating Claims for Damaged Homes
  • Before & After the Disaster
  • Roof Damage Assessment
  • Flood Insurance Training
  • Mold Damage Mitigation

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